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HYTEC Launches a New Website

Armstrong, BC. – Jan. 23, 2019.  HYTEC, a division of Kohler Canada Co, is pleased to announce the release of a new website, located at www.hytec.ca.

The first thing you will notice is the visually appealing layout of the site. Scrolling product images on the homepage allows for easy navigation to the Hytec product information, and the top navigation bar can quickly get you to products, literature, Hytec sales agent contacts, and company information about Hytec and Kohler Co.

It’s what you can’t see that really improves the site. The robust search function from any page gets you to what you’re looking for, fast. Product and technical information is just a few clicks away – and the site is optimized for smartphone and tablet use.

Hytec is always looking to strengthen its team with strong associates, which is why the Careers Section has been improved to help candidates understand why Hytec is a great place to work, what we can offer prospective employees, and how we give back to make positive impacts in our communities.

This is Phase 1 of the site, and in 2019 we will be adding new product images, new literature, and ongoing updates of Hytec’s stewardship activity and community involvement. Stay tuned!


Don Hanson

250-546-3196 Ext: 44580